Monday, June 23, 2008

Inane Quote for the Day

This one would be labeled under willful ignorance:

Coincidentally, I also finished reading OAT [Ken Miller's new book Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul]. this afternoon. Like you, I find that Miller presents some very clear arguments against the ID notions. His experience in undergrad education shines through, and the prose should be accessible to anyone with a decent education and an ability to think (which leaves out most of the denizens of Uncommon Descent, alas).

Unlike you, I don't find that his theological arguments are more problematic than before, simply because I think that ALL theological arguments are silly. I can't (won't) make a distinction between one silly argument and another. There is simply no reason for me to think very much about these rationalizations. And I can't predict how a Christian will react to these rationalizations, since I find it impossible to get into the mind-set of such folks. As far as I am concerned, if Miller's apologetics dents the willful ignorance of even one Christian, it's all good. It is quite clear that we can't reach some of these folks by scientific arguments alone... [my emphasis] about close minded, arrogant and ignorant all wound up into one comment.

"I don't know a ding dong thing about that religious stuff cuz there ain't no reason for me to think very much about such rationalizations. I iz smart damn it!, and smart guys don't believe in God. We've got science, and them science guys tells us that there ain't no such thing as a designer. We is nothing more than the by-product of a molecule like blob that arose from primoridal sludge. Now, that there don't take no faith to believe!!"