Monday, September 17, 2007

The Edge of Evolution - An Honest Review

Cameron Wybrow's review of Behe's Edge of Evolution is unlike several reviews we’ve seen in the past. He actually addresses the science rather than concentrate on needless ad hominem attacks.

In his conclusion:
The response to Behe has been predictable. The editors of the major print media have assigned known enemies of ID to trash the book - Richard Dawkins for the New York Times; Coyne for the New Republic; Miller for Nature; Ruse for Toronto's Globe & Mail. A large part of each review is ad hominem, concerned with Behe's alleged religious agenda, his minority status among biologists, and other irrelevant matters. In Dawkins' review, the science is barely touched, and it's not clear from Ruse's review that he has even opened the cover of the book. Behe deserves better. The Edge of Evolution makes a serious, quantitative argument about the limits of Darwinian evolution. Evolutionary biology cannot honestly ignore it.[My emphasis]

HT: Denyse O’Leary