Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Dawkins Delusion, Alister McGrath

Here is an interesting exchange with Alister McGrath, the author of The Dawkins Delusion.

Dawkins gives them [atheists] a simple way of looking at life: people who believe in God are mad, bad and sad; atheists are bold, brilliant, and brave. You don’t need to think about things; you don't need to read books by Christians. You can write them off in advance as the predictable rantings of deluded idiots. It’s very worrying, and shows how dogmatic and simplistic atheism has now become. [my emphasis]

I came away with that conclusion as well when I attended Dawkins lecture at KU last year. He made mention at one point that "you don’t have to read a book about fairies to know that they don’t exist".

Stellar intellectual scholar that one...

HT: Denyse O'Leary for the link.