Sunday, December 03, 2006

A wonderful dinner awaits

My husband and two sons have a great love for hunting fowl. They’ve spent every weekend since opening season out shooting birds.

The first few weeks it was too warm to entice the birds in, but the last few weekends have been pretty exciting for them.

Yesterday, they came sashaying in with 5 very large Greater Canadian Geese. Stretched out they were about as long as my boys. They threw those suckers up on my kitchen counter and I just about died. Yuck.

I played along and told them what outstanding gunmen they are, but I was privately wondering how on earth they can shoot something so beautiful! These same three men stand in awe every time a formation of geese fly over our house or land on our pond. Yet, they seem to have no problem shooting the poor things.

But, there is an upside to their brutal killing of those beautiful birds. At the moment they are making me an outstanding dinner of smoked geese. They’ve been working all afternoon putting together an array of various side dishes to accompany their yummy geese. My husband is an excellent cook, which is a good thing because I’m not terribly talented in that department. My two boys seem to enjoy cooking as well. My youngest son made me an awesome egg omelet this morning. I haven’t had to cook a thing all day!

I’m very content letting them spoil me, but my concern at the moment is what my kitchen looks like. I’d imagine it resembles what Hiroshima looked like after it was nuked.

I’m staying far away and hoping that I don’t get stuck with clean up...