Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An article you MUST READ

Don’t miss this article by John West of the Discovery Institute.

West gives an excellent summary of how the “scientific debate over Darwin is as vigorous as ever”.

From the article:
It is becoming sharply evident just how much Darwinism functions like a religion for many of its leading champions, and how the blind allegiance to atheism or agnosticism of leading Darwinists skews their evaluation of the debate over evolution. Ironically, Darwinists routinely criticize defenders of intelligent design because many of them happen to be traditional theists (just like the vast majority of Americans), but these same Darwinists see nothing wrong with the fact that leading evolutionists are largely anti-religious. Indeed, according to a 1998 survey of members of the elite National Academy of Sciences (NAS), nearly 95% of the NAS biologists identify themselves as either atheists or agnostics. As I’ve said repeatedly before, the debate over Darwin’s theory should be decided on the evidence, not on motives. But if Darwinists insist on stigmatizing the motives of anyone who criticizes Darwin’s theory who happens to believe in God, then the Darwinists' own motives surely should be open to scrutiny. Either motives are irrelevant for everyone, or they are relevant for everyone. As public knowledge of the metaphysical baggage of leading Darwinists increases, the ability of Darwinists to maintain their double-standard about motives in the public debate should diminish. [my emphasis]
A year ago, I had no idea how very true this statement is. After being involved in this debate for some time now, it is abundantly clear that Darwinism is a supporting factor for atheist and humanist groups (which in my mind are no different than religious groups), and you’ll find that many of the leading Darwinists are associated with these organizations.

It’s amazing that we have been told for years that ID advocates and creation scientists are primarily motivated by religious factors, yet all the while the leading advocates for Darwinism are motivated by religious (or anti-religious if you prefer) reasons as well.

The intelligent design movement is the perfect solution to this unbalanced, dogmatically one-sided theorizing we have going on in the world of science.