Wednesday, December 06, 2006

6th Grade Science

Interestingly enough, my two boys are at the perfect age for me to follow whether this ID/evolution debate taking place throughout the nation will have any impact within the science classrooms in the next ten years.

A couple weeks ago, my oldest told me that they were discussing the age of the earth and touching on the origin of life. They discussed the “primordial soup” concept.

I was impressed that his teacher at least offered an introduction to the discussion. She basically told them that they may be provided information by their parents that will conflict with some of the topics they learn regarding evolution, but she will be teaching them the theories that coincide with the scientific consensus. She told them they can decide for themselves what they agree with when they are older and have studied the issues more carefully. ~Fair enough~

I’m not of the belief that parents should go running to the teachers and handing them all kinds of books refuting evolution. The teachers have already been freaked out by the media that parents may raise a ruckus about evolution, and there is no sense in causing a scene. Most teachers are doing the best they can with the issues, IMO. But, I did send my son's teacher a quick e-mail telling her that I’m an ID advocate, and that if she is interested in knowing more, I’d be happy to share some information with her. I also gave her my blog address so she could stay updated on current events surrounding this debate. She sent me a nice reply...end of story.

So, since the kids are discussing the concept of the “primordial soup”, I thought I’d offer a couple links to consider:

Here’s a great on-line site and, here is an article titled Darwin’s warm pond theory tested.

Basically, the "primordial soup" concept is nothing but pure speculation, and has all but been completely rejected by "scientific consensus".

I guess someone forgot to tell the grade school teachers...