Friday, December 22, 2006

Road Trip?

Bill Dembski has just offered an interesting proposition for Barbara Forest.

Perhaps we can settle the matter of cowardice directly: let Forrest and me debate the matter at a symposium spanning a day with each of us delivering two hour-long lectures and then going toe-to-toe in a final debate.
Um....could that take place in Topeka, KS or am I going to have a lengthy road trip to plan ...cuz, there is no way that I’d miss that little rendezvous.

What led up to this little invite?

It seems Barbara Forrest has written an article for the Skeptical Inquirer Magazine regarding the Dover trial and why she thinks Dembski did not appear as a witness.


Come on Barbara, this issue has been addressed time and time again. What’s up with this latest article in which you’re beating a dead horse? I can only come up with a few reasons...

1. You don’t read articles put out by the Discovery Institute.
2. You do read them, but think they “aren’t good enough” (to quote the incorrect phrase attributed to Behe in the trial).
3. You read them, but figure no one else will, so you relay your incorrect version time and time again.

Well, we know #1 is out because it is your job to weed out the “paranormal” and “religious” nonsense in society, and as ~you~ deem Intelligent Design to be in that category, you would certainly keep a watchful eye on anything put out by the Discovery Institute. I hate to think that you'd actually believe that #3 is a possibility. So, I’m guessing you honestly believe that the very reasonable and logical reasons why Dembski didn’t testify in the Dover trial are just “not good enough”.

Well, Dembski has addressed your claims again, and this time he’s made an offer you simply can’t refuse ... unless you’re frightened of his scary vise, because that vise does look pretty darn frightening (and weird for that matter).

Now, if Barbara takes him up on his offer and Dembski backs out, well then we have something to go after him about. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that he would love to get it on with Barb. So, I’m just waiting for a date, time, and place so that I can plan my road trip to observe this meeting of the minds.