Sunday, October 21, 2007

"God is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens

Obviously writen by an atheist, most of my readers are probably quite familiar with Christopher Hitchens latest book. I highly recommend reading books written by atheists, and then follow up by reading the Christian responses to those books. I've personally found that this type of exercise strengthens my faith considerably.

I haven't had time to read Hitchen's latest just yet, but I ran across this review by Mark D Roberts that you'll want to read in accordance with the book.

I've read Roberts' latest book titled Can We Trust the Gospels, which is an excellent Christian resource. I really appreciate his mannerism in that he doesn't portray arrogance in his approach of the issues, but rather humility. It's also very apparent that he shows no dislike or hatred toward those who disagree with his faith beliefs, which I always find refreshing. Life is too short to carry such furored hatred for those whose beliefs may differ from our own.