Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shootings at Virginia Tech

One word...horrific.

I was listening to the news this morning and heard just a bit of a commentary about the tragedy. This particular gentlemen stated that although these type of shootings are beyond shocking, thankfully they are rare. Although, he also said that campus violence is at an all time high, and we need to organize commissions to address this issue.

I need to check the numbers, but if I heard him correctly, he stated that there are 70,000 rapes on campuses across the country each year and 1,400 alcohol related deaths. There are many more incidents of suicide as well.

What the heck is happening to our youth? This particular reporter alluded to the fact that lack of discipline in our schools is a big factor.

I'd have to agree. Together, my parents taught in elementary schools for 70+ years and the number one thing that concerned them was the growing disrespect from the students and the fact that it grew increasingly difficult to discipline over the years.