Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Nappy-headed hos"

Sounds like they're pulling the plug on Imus.

It amazes me that he could be that disrespectful to those women.

Michelle Maulkin points out that Imus has nothing on the rap industry, though. Almost anything goes as long as it's put to music, evidently.

My husband hates it when he drives up next to a car and hears rap lyrics blasting from the car next to him. Hubby's no prude, so ya know it's bad when he complains. He doesn't like our boys exposed to lyrics that are so demeaning to women.

The number one rap track is by "Mims." The "song" is "This Is Why I'm Hot." It has topped the charts for the last 15 weeks. Here are the lyrics:

This is why I'm hot
Catch me on the block
Every other day
Another bitch another drop
16 bars, 24 pop
44 songs, nigga gimme what you got…

… We into big spinners
See my pimping never dragged
Find me wit' different women that you niggas never had
For those who say they know me know I'm focused on ma cream
Player you come between you'd better focus on the beam
I keep it so mean the way you see me lean
And when I say I'm hot my nigga dis is what I mean

Hopefully, the Imus incident might point out that the music industry needs to reconsider the crap that's shaping the attitudes of today's youth.