Saturday, September 23, 2006

Traipsing into Evolution

It’s been a year since the Dover, PA trial where Judge Jones dismissed Intelligent Design as being a scientific theory. Next Tuesday, Sept. 26th at 7:30pm, Judge Jones will be giving a lecture at the KU Student Union regarding his views of the trial.

After reading about this trial from the perspectives of both evolutionists and supporters of ID, it is clear that Judge Jones’ opinion was obviously biased against Intelligent Design before the trial ever began.

Michael Behe, lead witness for the defense, has written a detailed response to Judge Jones’ opinion. Behe is a Discovery Institute Fellow who authored the book, Darwin’s Black Box. In his response to the decision, he offers powerful examples of Judge Jones bias in this case.

If you missed the details of the Dover trial, you can read through the transcripts for yourself.

If you are interested in further viewpoints from supporters of Intelligent Design, read the book Traipsing into Evolution.

This book gives an overview of the misconceptions about ID which surfaced at the trial, and covers the issues that Judge Jones misrepresented regarding both the facts and the law.