Sunday, September 24, 2006

The T-Rex Cafe

My husband and I took our two boys to the new T-Rex Cafe at Legends in Kansas City this weekend.

This is one of the coolest attractions to the Legends area, in my opinion. Of course, we love Cabelas and tooling around the entire area, but the cafe was the highlight of our trip.

The second you walk in the door it’s like - WOW! The decor is outstanding. Right in front of you is a MASSIVE, colorful life size T-Rex roaring down at you, and from the ceiling are enormous lit planets adding ambience to the entire experience. There are approx. 3 large fish tanks with all types of exotic fish swimming in them. A wooly mammoth and her two babies peer down from the second floor where the ice age area of the cafe is located.

The main floor eating area is located around a large fish tank supporting an enormous octopus with moving tentacles swimming on top of it. There are brightly lit jelly fish hanging above some of the tables, and the back wall of the cafe resembles a moving lava spill.

Your kids can pick from a variety of plush dinosaur bodies which are then stuffed and designed to their liking (much like build a bear). There are all kinds of little gizmos to purchase, and one area of the cafe has a dino dig where the kids can dig for fossils.

I highly recommend a visit to the cafe. The food is a bit pricey, but very, very good. The entire experience gets an A+. Be sure to stop by the next time you’re in Kansas City.