Saturday, August 30, 2008

Okay, the Presidential race is FINALLY getting interesting

McCain picked a chick...egads, imagine that. I'd have thought for sure the old guy was going to pick the Mormon or some other dude with loads of cash and popularity.

At first I was just shocked...and, had no clue who this gal was. But, the more I read about her, the more I'm truly getting excited about this race. For the first time in history, we'll have either an African American or a Female in the Presidential or VP position. Seriously cool. I've never been one to particularly support a women in those positions, but this gal impresses me a lot more than 'ol Hillary ever has. I'm sure before long we'll get the dirt on her, but at the moment I'm excited that she's only a year older than me; has five kids; her Dad was a science teacher; her husband works for an oil company and is a commercial fisherman; she likes to hunt!; she didn't abort when she knew she was carrying a child with downs syndrome...

AND, from what I've learned through the grape vine, SHE ISN'T RABIDLY ANTI-ID!!!!!!!

Far out!

So, I'm officially getting back into the race. I'd pretty much checked out from the start of the campaigns, but this gal is interesting enough to get me excited about the race again.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Still no laptop

It may be another week before I get the thing back. This is the second time this week that I've made it to the library. Tonight I have a meeting to attend, so I thought I'd sneak a peek at what's going on in cyberspace beforehand.

Looks like I haven't missed much. It's seems fairly quiet on the ID/Evo. front. It's actually been a godsend that I've been without Internet access the past few weeks. I've had time to reread a few books I really enjoyed the first time around, and I've also had a chance to think about my involvement in the on-line discussions about ID. I'm not quite sure yet how that's going to affect my blogging style, but I had a wonderful chat with a cousin of mine at a wedding I attended last weekend. She was very interested in what was happening with ID & evolution in the schools, and it got me thinking again about how important it is to keep sharing the facts about ID so that the bogus rhetoric being fed to the general public will eventually be silenced.

Those of you who support ID be sure to tell your friends and family about the blogs and discussions taking place on the Internet, and invite them to get involved and learn more about the issues!!!

Okay, I'm off to my meeting....take care, and I hope to be back soon.

Like, I'm voting for Paris...

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Lovin' her energy policy...I'm on board 100%.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Yes, yes, I'm still alive and well

I blew a port on my laptop a few weeks ago, so I sent it in to be fixed. It's taking a bit longer than expected, and so far we're looking at $162.00 to repair the thing...maybe more.

Just lovely.

Funny, I thought I'd really be bumming from Internet withdrawal symptoms, but so far so good. I've not missed it as much as I thought I would.

Someone mentioned the upcoming elections in the comment section of one of my posts. Honestly, I'm so absolutely sick of the political crap that goes along with this debate that I've just stayed out of it this go around. I know that Kansas Citizens for Science is working hard at snuffing out any potential board members that may be open minded to ID. Witch hunts are alive and well here in the sunflower state. I don't think they could care less about anything else a person stands for other than which way they lean in the ID/evolution fiasco. It all boils done to whether a potential board member intends to support molecule to man as an absolute *fact*.


I will say that I'll be voting for Dr. Robert Meissner for the board of education from my district. He's actually my dentist!!! He's an intelligent, kind, hard working individual who has had a life-long dedication to our public schools. You can read more about his campaign here.