Monday, November 17, 2008

Your "God View" drives everything

Our Pastor has engaged us in a thought provoking sermon series for the past three weeks. The title of the series is "God View", and he's been lecturing on why our view of God affects how we live our lives and the decisions we make. It's been an interesting series for me because it touches on so many things that I've discussed with theists, atheists and agnostics on line.

The first week of the series covered how our view of God affects our lives regardless of whether we believe or don't believe in an ultimate creator. The second week's lecture was on the resurrection of Christ and it's importance to the Christian belief system. This past Sunday's message was on the topic of exclusivity and Christianity.

I think this message also relates to ID in a's my belief that our philosophical or religious worldview affects how we reason through the design concept as well as the evolutionary paradigm. Both the philosophical naturalist and the theist come to the table with a priori assumptions about the OOL, and it affects how they look at the scientific evidence. Both views rely on faith to a degree. I highly recommend listening to this series if you can find some spare time to do so.

We've been attending this particular church for the past few years, and from the start I knew it was the place for us. It's a non denominational church, which I think is becoming more attractive to many folks. The divisive nature of various Christian denominations is a turn off at times, and much of it could be so easily avoided, IMHO. Our Pastor is very well read, and he takes an intellectual approach to the Christian faith. He also stresses how important it is to strive to live an *authentic* Christian lifestyle. Difficult to do for sure, but it's a well sought goal.

The series of messages can be found at this link...weeks 11/2, 11/9, and 11/16.

He did mistakenly attribute the wrong author to a book he mentioned in yesterday's message...see if you can catch it! It's a book *all* of my readers should be familiar with.