Monday, April 28, 2008


OMG...Mother Goose and Hen Mallard are in imminent danger.

We woke up last night at 3AM to the sound of the geese freaking out of their minds. They were honking and hissing like you cannot believe. I sat up in bed in a daze, and my husband jumped up and opened the sliding door to the back deck. There was a freaking fox making it's way across the bridge to the island where the two were nesting, and the Daddy Goose was flapping his wings and honking so loud it was heart wrenching.

My husband barked at the fox and he ran off, but he will no doubt be back tonight.

Poor little things...

Mr. FtK is devising a plan...and it better be a good one. I can't bear to wake up to the sight of nothing other than broken egg shells along with duck and goose feathers.


Reminds me of the time we bought some guinea hens for the kids to raise, and after a few months, a fox got two of them one night and a few days later he got the others.


It's hard to stop a hungry fox.

**tears welling up again...reaches for a Kleenex**