Saturday, April 12, 2008

Framing, framing, framing..blah, blah, blah

Sometimes it's extremely difficult to tell whether those in the Scienceblogs community are framing science or framing atheism or whether they even realize there is a difference.

Matt Nesbit at "Framing Science" writes...

Ask yourself: What's the best way you can promote atheism in your community or on your campus?

The majority of Sciencebloggers are atheists and it certainly comes across on their blogs. Politics, religion, framing and religion bashing are found in many of their articles.

It seems to me that to anyone reading their blogs on a daily basis it would become highly obvious that, regardless of how much "framing" they do, most of them do equate science with atheism.

They just aren't all as willing to go to the lengths that PZ has gone with his blatant prosetylizing.

Wouldn't it be interesting to take a course from many of these scienceblogs professors? You have to wonder how long it might be before the ACLU will be taking more cases like this one.

Hopefully, after Expelled shines a light on the nonsense going on in the scientific community, more students will question the "facts" they are being spoon fed them.