Friday, July 20, 2007

The "Sterilization of ID Memes"

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry...

Remember me saying that I was banned from an anti-ID forum where posters complain daily that pro-ID blogs and forums moderate too heavily, and boasted that virtually anything could be posted at their venue?

I explained that I was banned for a very minor incident in which Wesley Elsberry defended Lenny Flank and apparently wanted me to retract an example I put forth in an effort to try to get Flank to stop jacking threads.

Well, unbeknownst to me, Lenny has a plan in which he hopes to rid the world of ID supporters, and he was apparently in full tilt boogie while I was posting in his presence...

IDers [] depend very very heavily on their horde of brainless minions, who infest the Internet and spread the ID memes. I'd prefer to sterilize those memes, by shutting up every one of the carriers. I want every fundie who opens his mouth about creationism to get burned and ridiculed so badly that he thinks better of it, and never opens his mouth about the matter again. As Harry Truman said, "if you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the kitchen". I want to burn the fundies' asses so badly that they never go near a kitchen again. I want their minions to drop like flies. I want them to cloister themselves in their monasteries, console each other as much as they want, and never venture out into the big bad hurtful world ever again. It weakens their grassroots power, it helps stamp out their memes, and it cripples their ability to do everything from raise money to organize political pressure campaigns.

I do of course realize that some of you, perhaps even MANY of you (and particularly the scientist types), will think these to be "unfair" or "unsporting" or "not nice". Tough. They're damn effective. This isn't a scientific symposium, it's not a debate, it's not a polite disagreement between buddies. It's a political war. One side will win; the other side won't. One side will emerge alive; the other side won't. Politics is a business full of knives, and this is a knife fight. Sorry if the sight of blood bothers you. If so, perhaps you too would be happier out of the kitchen and into the living room watching TV instead.
But when the zombie rises from the dead again, I'll be ready and waiting, fiery torch in hand, ready to burn their ass again.

Here is what really boggles the mind. I realize that there are scary people out there who teeter on the edge of sanity, but the fact that a guy like Wesley Elsberry feels the need to defend this guy against an insignificant poster like myself is just, well, alarming.

The real kicker is that Lenny wants people like me to “drop like flies”, retreat from the “big bad hurtful world”, “never open our mouths again”, etc., etc., etc., but in reality, I can’t think of any IDer who would buckle under Lenny’s oh so very scary ridicule. His freakiness didn’t run me off, the moderators did.

Question: Are we to take Lenny seriously, or do you think he is some kind of sock puppet who is set up as comic relief for the Dawinists? ...kinda like Professor Steve Steve (only much less cuddly).

If he’s for real, then I’m just seriously creeped out. The Dude’s talkin’ knives, blood, zombies, fiery torches...