Monday, July 23, 2007

Can you hear it??

...that click, click, clicking?

I swear I can hear PZ hammering away at his laptop as he tries to address Dr. Egnor's latest post in regard to his recent talk presented to the MN Atheists.

The subject of the talk?

"There are no Ghosts in your Brain: Materialist Explanations for the Mind and Religious Belief"

PZ writes that "religion itself is a kind of conceptual parasite that takes advantage of other desirable and even "virtuous" intrinsic qualities of the brain."

Wow...far out. I'm ridden with a parasite...and I like it! Does this mean that PZ's brain is more or less evolved due to his lack of religious mind parasites? Is he more virtuous due to his lack of parasites? Is this phenomena in any way related to some kind of "meme"?

Good grief...