Sunday, July 08, 2007

Meeting Nancy Boyda

I met Kansas Congresswoman, Nancy Boyda, last night.

A neighbor/friend's daughter was celebrating her 7th birthday on 7/7/07 with a big birthday bash. We were also celebrating our LAST BASEBALL GAME FOR THE SEASON (thank goodness), so we ambled over to their place after the game and awards ceremony.

The gal is a lawyer and her husband worked at the state house while the legislature was in session this year, so evidently he had invited Nancy over to celebrate his daughter's birthday.

I had no clue she was coming until around 8:30pm when everyone started mumbling excitedly from one person to the next that "Nancy Boyda is on her way over". Mercy, you'd think the President of the United States was making his way to our humble little neighborhood. My son's best friend's Mom and I were probably the only hard core conservatives at the entire party, and we had both voted for Jim Ryun in the election.

There was a lot of picture taking with Nancy which I politely avoided, and since I didn't make my way over to meet her right away, the host brought her over to meet us. I smiled sweetly and said it was very nice meeting her. Then, thank goodness, my husband took over and made small talk. He laughed about it afterward and said he was trying to protect the poor woman from the two staunch Republicans at the party.

My friend and I wondered if we should have gotten our picture taken with her, doctored it up with microsoft paint and posted it on my blog. We decided we could never do something that nasty so we went on about our evening wishing it would have been Jim Ryun we were meeting rather than Nancy Boyda.

I still haven't met Sam Brownback and he lives right down the street about a mile away. I walk past right past his place when I'm out exercising.