Monday, May 21, 2007

Weigh-in week 18, May 21

We've completed week 17, with our total weight loss at 108 lbs..

Last week we didn't post our loss/gain because we were considering whether we want to stop posting our results for the summer, but there are still three of us who are trying to lose or maintain so we're going to keep working on it for a while.

Dieters, please use the comment section to post how much you lost (or gained) this week, and your ~total~ weight loss since day 1 of dieting. When everyone has done so, I’ll post the results.


Joe is going to join us in our quest to take off the pounds.

Davescot -2 this week, -44 total
Starving -0, -19
Ftk +2, -10
Joe -0, -6