Monday, May 28, 2007

The latest on the Creation Museum

Here's an interesting report:

First time visitors to Creation Museum say they're impressed with the attention to detail and God-honoring exhibits. The 60,000 square foot museum features animatronic displays, a replica of a portion of Noah's Ark and a planetarium, all designed to bring the Bible to life.

Ohio resident Nancy Mary said the museum exceeded her expectations. "I like the way they wove the quotes from the Bible through the exhibits. And the exhibits just illustrate what is stated so plainly in Scripture. That's what really stood out to me," she said.

Michigan residents Ray Ogden and his son Alex were also impressed. "Mainly I think what was impressive was the extreme focus on the Gospel message as the core meaning of the whole operation and not just meant to wow you with special effects, but to get across the message that the Bible is God's Word and there's a purpose for existence."

"It's probably the best place I've been to in my entire life," 10-year-old Alex Ogden said. "The animatronic dinosaurs looked really real."

Ministry officials expect more than 250 thousand visitors annually to the Creation Museum.

Road trip anyone??? Darwinists invited!!