Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Read this before you cast your vote

Moonglow left a comment this morning about an email she received today. It certainly deserves front page consideration:

Senator Tim Huelskamp
News from the State Capitol
November 4, 2006

State Capitol-262-E • Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: (785) 296-7359 • (800) 432-3924

Fax: (810) 821-2712 • E-mail: thuelska@ink.org

We know the Race is not to the swift nor the Battle to the Strong.

Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm?

John Page (letter to Thomas Jefferson, July 20, 1776)

Table of Contents

Is Kansas for Sale?

Not that I didn’t believe Phill Kline – but many others didn’t. And they must be shocked – Phill Kline was telling the truth.

And George Tiller is shaking in his boots this evening – and most likely writing another $500,000 in campaign checks.

I am certain Tiller – the late-term abortion specialist headquartered in Wichita – was watching Fox News this evening. In a segment on the O’Reilly Factor, it was revealed that the Attorney General investigation -- so hounded by the liberal media, Paul Morrison and Governor Sebelius – actually has found multiple violations of crimes by Tiller and other abortionists! The so-called fishing expedition has certainly landed a huge catch – evidence that could put Tiller and his associates behind bars for years to come.

And that’s why, my friends, Tiller has pulled out his checkbook once again. Once again you say? Isn’t his large $250,000 PAC enough? No.

What about the two new secretive fake corporations who have been sending up to a half dozen mailings to households across the state – Kansans for Consumer Privacy and Progress Kansas. It is now pretty clear that these are illicitly bankrolled by Tiller – in an attempt to circumvent IRS and campaign finance laws. A conservative estimate would put these at another cool $250,000. Isn’t this enough? No.

What about the campaign fundraisers hosted by George Tiller and his pro-abortion associates? Don’t know how much was spent – but certainly lined Paul Morrison’s campaign kitty with thousands in out-of-state dollars. Isn’t this enough? No.

How about the newest Billionaire on your campaign block – Jim and Virginia Stowers of Missouri? As big-time mutual fund players, the Stowers earned billions of dollars. Yes, billions with a B. They are behind a multi-state effort involving millions upon millions in deceptive political advertising design to do one thing – defeat anyone opposed to cloning and using your tax dollars to pay for it. Isn’t this enough? No.

Tiller must be desperate this evening. He will bankroll another last-minute round of personal attacks on Phill Kline – just like he did in 2002. To keep himself out of prison…

Although we’ll never know the total spent to defeat Phill Kline and foist the pro-abortion, anti-life agenda of these Tiller and Stowers fanatics – I do know what they believe. They believe that Kansas is for sale – and that somehow Kansans are too stupid or too disengaged or too na├»ve to see through their obscene, immoral tactics. Are we?

Never before in the history of Kansas has someone so blatantly attempted to purchase our political system and protect themselves from the law. Will you stand by idly and let that happen?

I am certain you will vote – that is a given. But will you do more? Will you call 30 friends and ask them to support Phill Kline? Will you e-mail your entire address book and encourage them to go vote for Phill Kline? Will you spend time fasting and praying for righteousness in this election?

Kansas should not be for sale, dear friends. May our actions prove it.

Paul Morrison: Auctioning Justice to the Highest Bidder?

Growing increasingly concerned about campaign promises made by Paul Morrison, I penned the following editorial weeks ago and sent it to multiple newspapers. They refused to publish it. Now we know why – they all endorsed Paul Morrison…

Paul Morrison: Justice is for Sale?

We expect the Attorney General to investigate suspected crimes. In doing so, Attorney General Phill Kline demonstrated probable cause of multiple criminal violations to a judge in Topeka. In response, the judge subpoenaed medical records from two entities. These entities then demanded the Kansas Supreme Court stop the inquiry – which the Court wisely allowed to continue.

Now here comes Paul Morrison – who is challenging Kline for Attorney General. Morrison has not only accepted significant campaign contributions from those under criminal investigation – in exchange, he has publicly promised to drop the entire case. Morrison makes these unprecedented campaign pledges despite his lack of knowledge of these cases – for they remain sealed by the Court.

These actions by Morrison suggest an appalling conclusion -- if you give enough money to his campaign, he just may dismiss any criminal charges against you. Never before in the history of Kansas has an Attorney General candidate accepted campaign contributions from someone under investigation – much less promising to drop the case as soon as he takes office.

Halting a criminal investigation because the suspected individual is a hefty campaign contributor should make you ineligible for any political office, especially that of Attorney General of Kansas.

Kansas in Job Growth Deficit

Despite the $2 million in advertising claiming otherwise, the Sebelius state economy is upside down.

According to an analysis of the most recent data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kansas continues to suffer from Job Growth Deficit.

From January to August of 2006, Kansas ranked #50 in private job growth in the entire nation – losing 3,800 jobs. In fact, Kansas is only one of three states to have an actual loss of jobs in this calendar year.

Meanwhile, the other side of the coin – during the same time period, the Sebelius Government was #1 in government job growth. They added another 15,800 new government jobs – an increase of more than 6%. Just think what another four years of growth like this would mean…
Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Moonglow!!