Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kansas Attorney General Resigns

An extramarital affair drops another political figure.

But, this *two-year* fling accumulated a lot of baggage...

This week, his reputation was devastated by revelations of a two-year affair with Linda Carter, a former employee in the Johnson County district attorney’s office, and allegations that he harassed Carter and tried to use her to meddle with the DA’s office, now run by Kline. Throughout the week, Morrison seemed resolute, acknowledging the affair but steadfastly denying the other allegations.


The statement included allegations of sexual harassment, including claims that Morrison harassed Carter by phone and made repeated threats to interfere with her attempts to find a new job if she disclosed the affair to Kline. Four of the calls were overheard by two employees of the district attorney’s office, according to the Harris News report.

I didn't vote for the guy...women's intuition that he was a schmuck. Besides that, I wanted to see Kline put an end to Tiller's illegal late term abortions.