Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity

Walt Brown, Ph.D., has added an important new chapter to his online book where he offers his theory on "The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity". Brown bases his theories on scientific evidence as well as biblical history. This particular chapter is something that he's worked on for more than a decade. From a young earth perspective, not only does this chapter explain the errors behind radiometric dating and why radiometric dates give old ages, it shows the gigantic power of the flood and some of its dramatic human consequences.

In more than thirty ways, the chapter tests and contrasts Brown's theory with the standard explanation. You can read the new chapter beginning here.

A few young earth creationists have made great efforts to explain these old radiometric ages. Their study produced many contradictions and failed to answer the key questions that needed to be answered. The voluminous final report concluded that some strange, unknown physics was involved or that God performed a miracle. Of course, God has performed miracles, but unless the Bible specifically mentions them, miracles should not be invoked to solve our scientific problems.

In the Beginning, Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood