Friday, November 27, 2009

Going Rogue

I broke down and bought the book today, and I'm already thoroughly enjoying it.

UPDATE: Once I started reading, I was unable to put the book down...simply riveting. I had it finished in two days. Sarah has put together a marvelous, inspirational, upbeat biography that also shows her endearing sense of humor and tenacity to stay the path of integrity when so many other politicians cave to political corruption.

About half way through, ever the skeptic, I started surfing the net for fact checkers on the publication, but found that relatively very little has been challenged. Some of the issues with the book can be written off after actually reading it, others would require Sarah to address particular issues. But, honestly, after reading this book, her accomplishments so strongly overpower the few questionable issues that have been released about her bio.

Truth be told, this past year has been a struggle both financially and mentally for our family due to the recession. Sarah has me fired up again...I'm not content to cry in my soup anymore. Time to stand up, brush off, and get it in gear. The economic collapse isn't the fault of one particular political group, but something that both liberals and conservatives have contributed to. It's due, in large part, to corruption within our government as well as a government that has becoming increasingly toooo involved in our lives. It's also our duty to become more involved and aware of governmental issues rather than sit back and let the powers that be run our lives while believing we can't make a difference. We CAN.

I had my doubts about Sarah due to the intense negative media coverage about her, but, in the book, she has systematically ruled out every one of the bogus claims that were made about her, and she does it with a smile. Gotta appreciate that.

The book is a *must* read for everyone...